Image Multimedia
Image Multimedia

The power of an interactive presentation is the ability to wow your customer. Utilizing a variety of media tools including graphics, animation, sound and video, we create custom presentations that differentiate clients from the competition. Whether you are looking for a way to communicate your product's benefits, demonstrate a service or simulate a process, Innovate designers have years of expertise and experience in creating interactive presentations that sell.

Interactive Multimedia CDs are an innovative way to promote your ideas to potential buyers. Our multimedia CD presentation service covers business, corporate, educational, tutors and trainers. It's a known fact that presentation creates visual impact which attract and compel one to watch. Multimedia CDs are not as popular as websites. However, the touch and effect you can leave from a CD is far distant from a website. Its way to greet your old and existing customers, build trust among your potential buyers and advertise.

What can be included in a CD? The question is, what cannot be included in a CD. There is literally no limit. Include and present your information, industry information, company prospectus, business goals, company profile, history and background, product details, catalogs and just about everything you want!

Do you have a website? We can make your simple operated Web CDs from the website for a cost effective budgets. These interactive presentations are as easy to operate as PDF files. If you are still curious, request a DEMO!

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