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There are so many unique, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing websites out there that no-one will ever see. The main reason for this is because so few companies ever invested time or money into Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

"More than 62 percent of B2B marketers plan to substantially increase their marketing budgets for 2007, according to B2B Magazine's New Year Marketing Priorities and Plans survey. According to the survey, the biggest increases will come in online marketing spending. About 75.6 percent of B2B marketers surveyed plan to increase their online budgets next year. When asked what their primary marketing goals would be for 2007, 62.3 percent of online marketers said customer acquisition, while 19.5 percent opted for brand awareness. Less than 11 percent selected customer retention as their primary marketing goals for 2007." (Search Engine News)

We do our best to expose your organization to your target market. Believe it or not, basic SEO is all about common sense and simplicity. The purpose of search engine optimization is to make a website as search engine friendly as possible. It’s really not that difficult. Basic SEO doesn’t require specialized knowledge of algorithms, programming and taxonomy but it does require a basic understanding of how search engines work.

"In the simplest terms, search engines collect data about a unique website by sending an electronic spider to visit the site and copy its content which is stored in the search engine’s database. Generally known as ‘bots’, these spiders are designed to follow links from one document to the next. As they copy and assimilate content from one document, they record links and send other bots to make copies of content on those linked documents. This process continues ad infinitum. By sending out spiders and collecting information 24/7, the major search engines have established databases that measure their size in the tens of billions. Every day, both Yahoo and Google claim to spider as much data as is contained in the US Library of Congress - approx. 150million items." (RFN newsletter).

Knowing the spiders and how they read information on a site is the technical end of basic SEO. As I heard someone famous once say: “Don't place all your eggs in one basket” - yet too many website owners do. They're obsessed with a top ranking in Google instead of building a brand name people will recognise and trust. Top rankings in the search engines should be part of your Internet marketing strategy, but dedicate only a portion of your efforts to that. You should equally spend your time pursuing partnerships with other non-competitive sectors of the Internet.

Innovate will not leave you in the dark about how your SEO campaigns are working. We'll come up with an effective Internet marketing strategy, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics, paid Web advertising (a.k.a. pay-per-click or PPC) and the web analytics tools to measure the success, conversion and value of each campaign that is developed. If required, we'll help you in an ongoing effort to make sure you are in all the right directories for optimum linking, increased Web traffic and online brand equity growth.

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