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Our firm belief, "Know the client's clients" is the start of every marketing project and the single reason why numerous clients consider us as strategic partners.

Target marketing delivers a refined message to a targeted demographic as opposed to delivering a generic message to a mass market.

Target Market - Our first step in creating your company's direct marketing campaign is to work closely with you to refine your target market list. If you don't know exactly who your target market is, all the creative ideas in the world won't do anything for your direct marketing campaign.

Once you are comfortable with your target market list, we then become students of your target market. Our goal is to know your target market inside and out. This is crucial to the success of your marketing campaign. Knowing what ideas they will be receptive to, time of year best to approach them, how to approach them, what makes them laugh, vocabulary they use, these are all contributing factors to a successful marketing campaign.

Message - Creating a message that will impact your target audience is the next crucial part in creating a successful marketing piece. The headline of your mail piece should be the first thing that catches the eye of your target audience. The appropriate message will hook the reader and pull them into the mail piece to read more about your product. We don't have to tell you where your mail piece will end up if the headline didn't grab them.

The message of the mail piece should be informative and written as if you are speaking to the reader in person. Ask yourself why your products and services are better than your competitors, why does your target market need your products and services. By the time the reader has finished the message they will want to find out more about your product, services and company.

Call to Action - Now that you have wet their appetite, tell them how to get in touch with your company to purchase your products and services. Direct them to your web site or have them call your 1- 800 number.

These steps are the basics of creating a strong direct marketing campaign for your company. We look forward to answering any questions you may have and working with you on your next direct marketing campaign.
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