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Do you have a system to collect prospect information and a method of communicating with these potential customers? If not, then you need one. If you do, how effective is your system in turning your prospects into customers?

Having an email newsletter is a very effective method of collecting information from your prospects. If you do not have an email newsletter then you are missing out on a very effective medium for turning your prospects into customers and your customers into lifetime prospects. No matter whether you sell a product, a service, or earn revenue through advertising and no matter what topic your website in on, you will benefit by having a newsletter.

So how do you create a newsletter? First, we will talk about how to set up a newsletter for a small list. Skip below to "Automating your subscribe and unsubscribe requests" if you have a list with more than one hundred subscribers or you would like to use features such as automatic subscriber management, multiple lists, mail merge personalization, bounce back handling, or HTML email.

Automating your subscribe and unsubscribe requests

Soon, managing your subscribe and unsubscribe requests by hand will start to take quite a bit of your time. Your time is much better spent growing your newsletter and marketing your business than manually adding and subtracting emails from your list. Once your list grows to be bigger than about one hundred subscribers, having an automatic system in place is a necessity.

So how can you set things up so everything is handled automatically? Well, you need to use email list management software.

Email list management software is able to handle subscribe and unsubscribe requests automatically and send out your emails to your each of your subscribers at the touch of one button. This will save you many hours of your time.

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